The Compulsive Reader: June 2006

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Review Policy

First off, if you have made it to this page, thank you for taking the time to read my review policy before emailing!

My Reviews

I tend to be a bit more analytical in my reviews than most book bloggers. I like to look at what works in a book and the different elements of story-telling. But, I also read for enjoyment, so I don't like to get too academic. My reviews usually consist of a summary in my own words, one to three paragraphs of my thoughts, and then my "Cover Comments", which is usually one to two sentences about the cover of the edition I am reviewing.

What I Review

I review Young Adult fiction, a limited amount of Middle Grade fiction (special preference for books by authors whose YA work I've enjoyed), and I do not review adult fiction. I am open to most any genre except nonfiction, though my favorites are listed in the About Me section here. If you approach me about a book in a series, please check to see if I have read the previous books. If I have not, I am less likely to accept the book, even if you can provide the previous books in the series.

Accepting Review Copies

I do gladly accept review copies, however at this point in time, I tend to receive more books than I can physically read, which means that I do have to be a bit more selective about what I accept. I also cannot always answer every request I receive, especially if it is evident that the person making the request did not read this review policy. 

I prefer hard copies, but I can read Kindle-compatible e-books.

Please also note that I have special consideration for review requests from publishers, independent publicists I have worked with in the past, authors I have worked with in the past, and those promoting books on my wishlist

I do not read self-published books and unpublished work.

You can email me at thecompulsivereader@gmail.com


I am happy to do, author interviews, host guest blogs, participate in blog tours, and host contests. If you require any material from me, such as author interview questions, I do ask that you give me ample time to come up with them. If you'd like to do an interview, I'd prefer to have read the author's latest book, but I will consider providing questions going off previous books that I have read in the past. I am open for creative promotions, so please don't hesitate to email me--I'm open to almost anything.

Also, I do reserve the right to not post anything I consider inappropriate for my audience (or just inappropriate in general), and the views and opinions that authors share on my site aren't necessarily endorsed by me.

I do not post articles written by unpublished authors.

Background Information and Stats

The Compulsive Reader is run by Tirzah Price, and all reviews and content are generated by me. I have been blogging and reviewing for almost 5 years, and have written over 550 reviews. The Compulsive Reader has over 1,300 posts, with an average of about 28,000 page views per month and 16,000 unique visitors per month. I have readers from all over the world, but most are from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Brazil. More statistical details available upon request.


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Each book I receive is not guaranteed a review, unfortunately. I simply don't have the time--I wish I did! There isn't a set amount of time in which you can expect a review either. I try to get to as many books as I can, but a lot of factors go into my reading decisions, and unfortunately, this isn't a full time job. If you are planning a feature and need a review by a certain date, I usually can make that date if you give me plenty of forewarning, but I cannot guarantee anything.

Books that I do not get to, or that I receive unsolicited, will go to other book bloggers, or if the book is a finished copy, are donated to a local library. 

Most books reviewed on this site are provided to me by publicists, publishers, or authors. I do not receive money from them. I am an Amazon affiliate.

You can contact me at thecompulsivereader@gmail.com for any review or promotion requests and with any questions.

Thank you,

The Compulsive reader