The Compulsive Reader: Maria V Snyder

Friday, November 30, 2007

Maria V Snyder

So I know this is turning into a mainly sci-fi/fantasy site, but I promise this will be the last review of that sort for a little while. I want to tell you all about this great series I found not too long ago, written by Maria V Snyder. Her first book is called Poison Study, and tells of Yelena, who is to be executed for the murder of her master. But at the last minute, she is offered a deal only a fool would turn down: stay alive and become the Commander's poison taster. She takes it, but soon comes to realize that poison is the least of her worries.

The second book is called Magic Study, and follows Yelena's journey to find her family...I'm not going to say anything more, because if I do, I'll give away spoilers from Poison Study. But, the third book, Fire Study, is coming out soon, and looks to be just as good as the previous ones.

I really hope you will check these books out, because they are really some of my favorite books ever.

Stay tuned for some important announcements early next week!


Em said...

Definitely a great series! I can't wait for Fire Study to be released!

Chelsea said...

I want to read these! They sound so good.