The Compulsive Reader: The Princess and the Hound

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Princess and the Hound

I just finished this rather surprising fantasy novel from Mette Ivie Harrison. I've been keeping an eye on it for quite a while now, and just managed to get my hands on it. It has one of the more intriguing covers I've seen, and while the story did not pan out as I imagined it would, I can't say as I'm disappointed. The story is told from the perspective of young Prince George, who possesses the very animal magic his kingdom forbids. The book tells of his struggle against sis magic and his worries of not being a worthy king. Things are further complicated when he agrees to marry Princess Beatrice, who is never without her faithful hound. Her hound is like none he's ever encountered, and as George's father steadily falls ill, he has to wonder at what secrets they might be keeping.

Definitely run out and grab yourself a copy. Unfortunately for those of us with a rather tight budget, it's only available in hardcover. Hopefully not for too long!
EDITED TO ADD: Paperback edition comes out May 26th, 2008!

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YA Book Reviewer said...

You know, I've had that on my list for a while. I'm going to my bookstore this week and check it out.