The Compulsive Reader: 2008 Sneak Peek

Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Sneak Peek

As promised yesterday, I have compiled a list of fabulous looking books that are coming out this New Year! I'm psyched about them, and will do my best to try to read and review every book listed here.

The Redheaded Princess by Ann Rinaldi
Release Date: January 29, 2008

Ann Rinaldi's historical novels are famous for their accuracy and for being engaging. Recently she's branched out from American history, and into Britain in Nine Days A Queen and The Redheaded Princess, which is sure to be a hit.

A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Release Date: March 1, 2oo8

A fairy tale re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin! I haven't read once since Donna Jo Napoli's Spinner. If the cover is any indication, it's bound to be good!

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Release Date: April 22, 2008

Though I have only just started getting into Dessen's books, I think I am as excited about this one as any long time reader of hers. Her entrancing and thought provoking style could make a fan out of anyone.

Nobody's Prize by Esther Friesner
Release Date: April 22, 2008

Though I have not read Nobody's Prize's prequel, Nobody's Princess, it is on my to read list, and the sequel looks as excellent as the first one. I am definitely going to make time to read them both.

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
Release Date: May 1, 2008

Ah, yet another novel from the fabulously talented Maureen Johnson. Her first book set in New York City--at an Art Deco hotel, no less! This will be the start to what I believe will be a very entertaining and humorous series.

Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Release Date: May 5, 2008

I have had the opportunity to read this one already, and it is delightful! Click here for my review.

Airhead by Meg Cabot
Release Date: June 1, 2008

Though the summary on this one is vague at best, I cannot wait to read it. The less information, the greater my curiosity! Reading Jinx and rereading The Mediator series over and over are no substitutes for another supernatural by Meg Cabot. Thanks goodness for amazon.com's Pre-Order button.

Stop in the Name of Pants! The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison
Release Date: July 1, 2008

Yet another one of those crazily hilarious installments of the Georgia Nicolson series. Pure fun and laughter, I can't wait to see what crazy escapades Georgia will get into next.

Cybele's Secret by Juliet Marillier
Release Date: September 9, 2008

Sequel to Wildwood Dancing, which although I have not read (yet), I am sure will be very good. I read The Daughter of the Forest and its sequels which were excellent, so I have great faith in Juliet Marillier.

Bloodhound: Book Two in the Beka Cooper Legend by Tamora Pierce
Release Date: December 24, 2007 (finally, a book out BEFORE Christmas)

A continuation in the tale of Beka Cooper, a Provost's Dog, or policewoman in the fantastical city of Corus, Tortall 200 years before Pierce's unforgettable The Song of the Lioness Quartet. Pierce is truly a queen on the fantasy genre, and her writing just gets better and better.

Kitty, Kitty by Michele Jaffe
Release Date:

Sequel to Jaffe's hilarious first YA novel, Bad Kitty, which followed the misadventures of Jasmine and her friends as they tried to solve a mystery in Las Vegas without Jas's father finding out. Hopefully this one will be as packed full of fun, footnotes, and crazy stalkings.

That's it for now, although I'm sure there will be many, many more. Thanks for riding it out with me this year, guys, and I hope to see you in 2008! I have many cool ideas for next year, so keep reading for their unveiling!


Anonymous said...

Wow. These look really good. My list of books is getting longer and longer...!

Anonymous said...

As usual now that I have read what's about to come out I cannot wait!! I don't want to wait for Stop in the Name of Pants!! I love Louise Rennison's work, she keeps me laughing through all of the novels...happy reading to everyone!!