The Compulsive Reader: Christmas Countdown--4 Days!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Countdown--4 Days!

Hello, everyone. Have you all done your Christmas shopping yet? I am just about done with mine. All I need to do is wrap everything up! If you aren't done yet, and you need to get your best friend or sister something special, you might want to pay attention.

The Luxe, written by Anna Godbersen, is in a class of its own. Unlike all of the rich girl novels floating around out there, The Luxe takes place in 1899. But don't think that these girls are as mild mannered as their time period would suggest. Penelope Hayes would do anything in order to marry Henry Schoonmaker. Her best friend Elizabeth Holland would rather not marry anyone if her class at at all. But when circumstances beyond these girls' control puts them at odds with each other, situations tense. Throw in a bitter maid and a nosy younger sister, and things go from tense to deadly, and someone might not live to see the next season.

Nothing like any of the novels today that feature the upper class, The Luxe is one delicious read that nearly any girl will love. You'll think you have it figured out by page fifty, but a mysterious twist in the end will leave readers eagerly anticipating a sequel.

So go out and buy a copy for yourself, and every other girl on your list!

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