The Compulsive Reader: Christmas Countdown--Only 5 Days!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Countdown--Only 5 Days!

Today I want to focus on The Princess Diaries Vol. IX: Princess Mia. Michael is in Japan, Mia has a broken heart, and Lilly won't even acknowledge her. Mia is absolutely miserable. Even JP's neverending cheerfulness isn't helping. To top that all off, Lana Weinburger suddenly wants to be friends. Can things possibly get any weirder? But then Mia finds the diary of a teenaged ancestor, and with it a secret that could change everything.

The Princess Diaries is one series that I have been reading for years, and the thought that this will be the second to last book (say it isn't so!) is very heartbreaking. I feel as if I've grown up reading about Mia. Although oftentimes her escapades frusrtate me, she always comes out with her dignity intact, and after Princess on the Brink's cliffhanger ending, I will be eager to see what the outcome of Vol. IX will be.

So grab yourself a copy and email me with your thoughts, because we'll be featuring an interview with Meg Cabot herself on this blog very soon! You know where to find me: thecompulsivereader@gmail.com, or just leave a comment. Happy Reading!

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Em said...

Oooohh, aaaahhh! An interview with Meg Cabot! I'm so excited. Her books are fabulous.