The Compulsive Reader: Christmas is Coming!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is Coming!

So who's frantically rereading A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels in anticipation for The Sweet Far Thing? Or the Princess Diaries books? As much as I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, the one thing I hate is this: all of the good books come out the day after! This is a source of constant frustration for my parents whenever I ask for these books, so I try to keep a balance between these and books that are already out.

What books are you asking for for Christmas? Or do you spare your parents nerves and go straight for the cash/gift card route? My parents never want to give me just money, so I usually just ask for the books themselves.

This year, I requested The Sweet Far Thing (of course!), Princess Mia (this series really is an addiction, so be warned), Murder on Lenox Hill (the seventh in the phenomonal Gaslight Mysteries seris), Big Boned (one of Meg Cabot's better series, did you know she decided to write a 4th book?), and The High King's Tomb (third in The Green Riders Trilogy).

The countdown has begun. We'll see whether or not I get all of what I asked for. Comment or email me to tell what books you asked for, and keep reading this blog every day until Christmas for highlights on the hottest books coming out this Christmas season!

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Ink Mage said...

I'm planning on re-reading the first two Gemma Doyle books! I haven't read them in such a long time I won't remember anything that happened before if I don't. :-)

I actually don't ask for books at Christmas since I get sooo many from my library--but if I did The Sweet Far Thing would be on the list!

Looking forward to your updates.