The Compulsive Reader: Guest Blogger Matthew Peterson

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guest Blogger Matthew Peterson

Today Matthew Peterson will be answering some of your questions!

Where did you come up with the idea for Paraworld Zero?

Magic, I guess. The idea sprang forth from my mind in full detail. That happens sometimes. The ideas come like a flood and I can hardly write them down fast enough. One part of the book came to me from a very simple event in a video game from the late 1980's called Black Tiger. There was a part where you jump from pillar to pillar. Down below was hot lava. Anyway, the thing that I’ll never forget was the tiny spider web on one or two of the pillars. It was so small, but it stuck out at me. I, of course, had to put something of that nature in my book.

How many books will be in the series?

There will probably be six books in the series with one additional stand-alone book dealing with one of the main characters. The problem I have is that I have too many ideas and only a limited amount of pages to use.

Have you written any other books besides the Paraworlds series?

I started Paraworld Zero in 1990, when I was fourteen years old. That’s the same year J. K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter, so there must have been something in the water at that time. My book is like a “Harry Potter meets Star Wars” for those of you who haven’t read it. But before Parallel Worlds (that’s the original name and is now the name of the series), I starting writing a book called (and I kid you not) The Sorcerer’s Wand. Yes, there was definitely something in the water. The Sorcerer’s Wand was similar to Paraworld Zero, in that a boy learns that he has magic and goes to a school, but it’s set in medieval times, instead of modern times like Paraworld Zero. I got about six chapters finished on both books before my computer died on me. I didn’t pick up Paraworld Zero again until 12 years later... after I read Harry Potter and realized how similar it was to my book. In the “Bits And Pieces” section of my website http://www.paraworlds.com/ I put some “before and after” shots of my book.

What are you working on now?

I am slowly working on the second book, which will probably be called The School of Magical Learning or Magical Learning. Actually, let me rephrase that... I should be working on the second book. What I’m doing right now is finishing up on the video trailer, audiobook, and promotions. I am spearheading a $100,000+ marketing campaign, and it’s sooooo time consuming. I also have a publicist who is doing radio and newspaper promotions. She just told me today, actually, that she booked me for an interview on USA Radio Network, which will go out to 275 affiliates nationwide. Yippee! Oh, I do write short stories as well. “Yearning To Jump” will come out on teen-age-magazine.com in the next week or two.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for having me. Keep your eye out for Paraworld Zero in January. You can pre-order from BN.com (cheapest price right now) and Amazon.com.

Matthew Peterson

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