The Compulsive Reader: Alex Unlimited: The Vosarak Code by Dan Jolley

Monday, January 14, 2008

Alex Unlimited: The Vosarak Code by Dan Jolley

Alex Benno sees herself as her own sidekick. Under government influence since 2 years of age, she's always done everything they've asked when it comes to conjuring up smarter, stronger, better, arrogant versions of her parallel dimension self. Even if it means she is shunned and ignored by fellow agents while her her own 'Alex Primes' take all the credit for successful operations.

But when she conjures Rachel, a master linguist version of herself to locate and decode that Vosarak Sword, the Rosetta Stone of the ancient language of Vosarak, she finds herself in a new position--sharing the front seat with her latest and surprisingly nice Prime, and not entirely sure she can handle it.

Fast paced and full of adventure, Alex Unlimited sets a far fetched sort of air not seen since TV's Alias. Alex doesn't always act her age, and is a little hard to get into, but random clues about her past will motivate you to keep going with this series.

Also reviewed fro BookDivas.


Chelsea said...

This one sounds so good! I saw it advertised on BookDivas a while ago, and wanted to read it.

Anonymous said...

Check out alexunlimited.com! It's a new fan site for all things related to Alex Benno and the author Dan Jolley!