The Compulsive Reader: Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby

Cleo O'Shea, wealthy and selfish, and Alex Ford, dedicated and focused, couldn't make a more unlikely pair. But yet they're thrown together when they both begin dressage lessons with two of Europe's finest trainers. Alex can't believe his good luck, but for Cleo, it's just an excuse to get away from the stuffy Stoneleigh Riding Academy she is forced to endure, thanks to her always absent parents. Yet a series of events will show them that people aren't always as they seem, and sometimes the most unlikely person can become a friend.

From the author that brought you the Alice McLeod: Realist At Last, Another Kind of Cowboy is funny, unique, and distinct. The witty and insightful plot is full of mulitlayered and likable characters that come alive with Juby's knack for descriptive detail, and their problems are those that any teen can empathize with. This one is sure to be a winner with horse enthusiasts and non horse lovers alike.
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the story siren said...

i've been wanting to read this!!

Anonymous said...

This book interested me. I think I might read it now. Although, I havea very large list of boks to read that keep piling up. ;D

Also, I wanted to say who much I like that you have a new post every day. I enjoy reading your reviews.