The Compulsive Reader: Book of the Month: Click! Q&A with Authors Annabel and Elisabeth

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book of the Month: Click! Q&A with Authors Annabel and Elisabeth

Authors Annabel Monaghan and Elisabeth Wolfe here to answer your questions!
How did you guys meet?

We met each other hanging out at our friend Gwen’s house and hit it off immediately, but then lost touch. Somehow, our kids ended up at the same preschool the following year. One day we were stuck selling raffle tickets and just got into the most amazing conversation about energy and positive thinking and other non-preschool topics. We’ve been great friends ever since!

What made you decide to write an advice book for teen girls?

This is the book we wished we had when we were younger. We wrote it because we want so badly to empower teenage girls and give them to tools to make a great life happen. We’ve noticed so many people getting stuck in bad situations and then complaining about them at length. There is so much emphasis placed on what’s wrong or what’s missing in our lives. This habit of complaining keeps people stuck. Making a great life happen isn’t that hard and we wanted to get this information to girls as they are just starting to figure it all out, so that they can get where they want NOW rather than later.

What’s the Focus Factor?

The Focus Factor is really simple. Your thoughts have energy and whatever you focus your energy on is what you get. Obsessing about how awful you are at math, won’t make studying very pleasant or productive. Your energy is not in a good place to make an A happen. Complaining about how you never make the tennis team will keep you where you are. Focusing on how much you love to play tennis and how great it would feel to make the team, will get your energy in the right place to help make it happen.

It sounds a little bit like The Secret. Is it the same idea?

The idea of putting out great energy to bring great things into your life is a lot like what they talked about in The Secret. This idea has been around forever. But Click! has what we think is a more grounded approach to making it happen. We talk a lot about putting out great energy and then meeting the Universe halfway through inspired action.

So you’re not supposed to just figure out what you want, focus on it and wait for it to happen?

Ha! We wish! Sadly, we were not all born to sit around making wishes. You have to put the clicker down, get up off the couch and meet the universe halfway. If you want to be a prima ballerina and you’ve never put on a tutu, it’s not going to happen for you. If you’d like to make new friends but you won’t talk to people, it’s not going to happen for you. There are no free rides.

But it’s interesting that if you start to get excited about something and really start to get your energy moving with it, you start to feel motivated to take the steps you have to to make it happen. When you are sitting around feeling out of shape, you aren’t inspired to go for a run. But when you really get thinking about how energized you’d feel to be in great shape, you’re lacing up your running shoes without even knowing it!

What’s this E-vite thing you guys keep talking about?

Well your energy works just like an e-vite to the universe. You are inviting exactly what your energy is focused on, the catch is that the universe always RSVPs yes. If you spend a lot of time thinking about how no guys will ever like you, well, that’s an e-vite. The Universe’s RSVP is Yes. But if you focus your energy on how great it would feel to have a guy like you and you can really imagine it and get excited about it, that’s an e-vite. The RSVP is always Yes. So be careful where you are focusing.

What’s the most common thing girls do to keep themselves from getting what they want?

It’s not just girls, it’s guys and old ladies alike. The number one thing you can do to keep yourself stuck where you are is complaining. Once you start that habit of hanging with the evil stepsisters, who we like to refer to as Bitching and Moaning, you are focusing all of your energy on your big butt, your tragic wardrobe or your lame parents. The E-vite is sent, RSVP: Yes.

This doesn’t seem that hard to understand, why aren’t we all living exactly the life we want?

Well, the concept is pretty straightforward but habits are really hard to break. And thought habits may be among the hardest because they often go on without your noticing. They say that it takes 28 days to break a habit, so Click! has a 4 week day planner and journal in the back where you can keep track of what you need to do and also work on changing your energy about what you want.

How did you guys decide who would write what?

We got together about once a week and talked about where we were with the book, what we needed to do etc. and then just come up with ideas. We’d get really excited about something, but there was always one of us who was more excited about any given idea than another. The one who was really into it got to write it. Then we’d email each other what we wrote and edit each other’s work. At first we were really polite with each other but as we went on, um, we were a little more direct!

Do you have any weird / crazy writing quirks?

E: I do my best work in the middle of the night and when I’m working on something I don’t sleep very much. When it’s done I crash, satisfied, for about 12 hours.
A: I like to work at my kitchen table in broad daylight, surrounded by a lot of chaos and half-eaten boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

What’s your favorite / least favorite part of writing?

The best part is definitely the high you feel when you know you are on to something good. It’s almost like it’s writing itself. The worst part is probably the editing, having to divorce yourself from an idea that isn’t working but that you’re really committed to. Again, we recommend Girl Scout cookies to get you through.

Do you have any books planned for the future?

We haven’t officially started anything but we have lots of ideas. We meet a lot of moms who are reading their daughters’ books and saying they wish there was a Click! for grown ups. It’s funny because it’s really the same idea, we’d just talk about George Clooney rather than Justin Timberlake and a whole lot less about the prom.
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