The Compulsive Reader: Dirty Work by Julia Bell

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dirty Work by Julia Bell

Warning: If you are easily upset, or are you are younger than 14, this book may not be for you.

Hope never thinks anything interesting will happen in her life. She seems to be on the fast track to nowhere, and her parents despair of ever understanding her. But she is jolted out of her quiet and idyllic life when she encounters Oksana, a Russian girl who has been sold as a sex slave. Hope's tentative friendship with Oksana leads to her own kidnapping by the owner Oksana is running from. These girls have only each other, and they will have to overcome their bitterness and prejudice and work together to escape from their captors. But will it be too late?

Dirty Work is a riveting and captivating read. The pages go by quickly, and Bell keenly builds suspense throughout the entire book by interspersing flashbacks of Oksana's past in between telling the two girls' predicament. Without being inappropriate or too mature, Dirty Work easily conveys the horrors of human trafficking and how very easy it is to get caught up in it. This terrifying, entrancing novel will certainly grab your attention, and won't let go long after the book is finished.
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Chelsea said...

Yet another great review, Tirzah!

I'm glad you liked it -- it was one I was thinking about getting. The subject matter is disturbing, but realistic. It sounds like it'd make a good book.

Anonymous said...

Oo oo oo oo oo! This one sounds interesting, I've got to read it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds really good. It'd like to read but I think I'll wait a while since the subject is definitely mature. Still, I think I'll add it to my wishlist.

Great review :)