The Compulsive Reader: Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Cadel Piggot has been visiting Dr. Thadeus Roth since he was seven years old and had been caught hacking into credit card comany files. His adoptive parents, terrified of his intelligence and innocence, forbade him to touch computers and hauled him right off to the psychologist.
But it's not long before Thadeus is not only letting him use his computer, but is also facilitating a relationship between Cadel and Dr. Darkkon, an imprisoned criminal mastermind who claims to be Cadel's father.

As Cadel grows older, expanding his talents and often "testing" them, he finds himself at Axis Institute, a school founded by his father where evil schemes and rule breaking is encouraged (as long you don't get caught). But he also meets Kay-Lee. It's her friendship that opens his eyes to what's really happening, and makes him face the ultimate question: Has Cadel's whole life been just another one of his father's schemes?

A little slow towards the beginning, and some times a bit too fast when it comes to number theory and computer technology, but ultimately a book that doesn't require a remarkable genius of any kind to enjoy.
Also reviewed for BookDivas.


Chelsea said...

Sounds good!

Anonymous said...

what would u do if daniel radcliffe and everyone who plays in hp asked you to help them deliver the biggest bouqet on the world at the same time your favorite restaurant was giving away free purple smoothies that had magical powers?

Anonymous said...

I looked at it the other day and considered buying it; I'm really looking forward to reading it.