The Compulsive Reader: Faerie Lord by Herbie Brennan

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Faerie Lord by Herbie Brennan

Henry Atherton has been desperately trying to forget about his friends in the Faerie Realm for the last two years, which is a bit hard considering his responsibility of looking after Mr. Fogarty's abandoned house and temperamental cat. It is while tending Hodge that Pyrgus and Nymph make a sudden reappearance. Only...Pyrgus has aged considerably due to a mysterious disease running rampant throughout Faerie that is causing them to grow old at an alarming rate. With very little persuasion, Henry plunges back into Faerie to aid the realm in the search for a cure. But soon he finds himself far, far away from The Purple Palace and in a desolate land with only an intelligent and primitive blue-skinned boy for company. Now it's a race against time to find a miracle that will save all of Faerie...

Old enemies, new friends and an age-old battle are all mixed in with lovable and familiar characters to make up a thrilling conclusion to the riveting story that began in Faerie Wars. As Brennan's characters have grown and matured, so has his writing. Unfortunately, some characters aren't as present in Faerie Lord as they were in previous books, but the story line has more than enough drama, suspense and mystery to make up for it. Though readers will be sad that Henry, Pyrgus, and Blue's adventures have some to an end, the ending is one that is more than satisfying.

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lifeofavoraciousreader said...

Aww...lucky, lucky! I can't wait to read it!

the story siren said...

i love this series!! i still have yet to read this one... :P

Teen Bookshelf said...

Hello! I as well run a teen book review site, and your site is fantastic! I added you to our link page! Please check out my site!

Also, your review makes me want to read this book! Good jOb!