The Compulsive Reader: Farewell and Many Thanks to Annabel and Elisabeth!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Farewell and Many Thanks to Annabel and Elisabeth!

We have loved being book of the month at Compulsive Reader! We?ve talked a lot about Click! and hope that those of you who are reading it are having fun and are putting it to great use. We really believe that you can turn your energy around and start making great things happen by reading what we have to say and using the journal. Why are we so sure? Well, because it worked for us? Okay, before we start sounding too much like an infomercial, let us tell you our story.

We've spent a lot of time bonding over topics like why do good things keep happening to the same people, and why do people always complain about the same stuff, and, most importantly, why aren't more people happy? So we went back and forth about our ideas about what it really takes to make what you want in your life happen until one day Elisabeth said "Don't you wish you knew all this when you were a teenager?" And so with a couple of labor pains and teeth gritting pushes, a book was born.

The funny thing is that we came up against all the stuff we talk about in Click! while we were writing it and trying to get it published. Annabel's initial response to Elisabeth's suggestion that they write this book was the classic, "That would be so great. But we've never written a book, I've got 3 kids and no time, who would ever publish a book by 2 unknown authors?" E-vite: No book, no time, no way!. RSVP: Yes.

We knew we were going to have to start walking the walk if we were going to get people to turn their E-vites around, so we started using the journal ourselves. We made a mock up of the journal you now see in the back of the book, had 4 weeks of it photocopied at Staples and carried it everywhere we went. We wrote stuff like, "It's going to be so great when our book gets published, it's going to reach so many girls and really help them turn things around. The book is going to be fun because we are having fun writing it." And tons more queer stuff like that. But writing it all down and re-reading it gave us no room for "This is impossible, it'll never happen for us!"

We even had a Plan B. Click! defines Plan B this way: (n) strategy that sane people use to keep from getting all wacked out over a single idea. Ours was to self-publish. We looked into our Plan B and kept it in the backs of our minds as we pursued publishers. Having a Plan B is kind of like knowing there are other cool guys out there when pursuing a crush. No one likes a stalker.

OK, so the punch line is this: at the end of 4 weeks we found ourselves sitting in the offices of Simon and Schuster with lovely and interested publishing and marketing people asking us questions and offering to publish our book.

Magic? Um, did we forget to mention the part where we busted our butts and stayed up all night writing and rewriting? Did we mention that we then had to finish the book, add 200 pages and rewrite it 1,000 times? Did we mention that it was SO MUCH FUN?

Please, please, please let us know what you thought about the book! Let us know how the journal is working for you. Let us know if going even one day replacing a complaint with a feeling of gratitude helps you. And, most importantly, let us know where you get stuck. Write to us about what you really really want and we?ll see how we can tweak or overhaul your E-vites as necessary. Visit us at www.clickthegirlsguide.com.

*Note from TCR: And a huge thank you to Annabel and Elisabeth for helping me make the first ever Book of the Month such a huge success! It's been loads of fun!

And now, one lucky winner will get a chance to read ALL Elizabeth and Annabel have to say in their book Click! Congratulations to Rachel S. for winning a copy of Click! Be sure to tell us what you think of the book!

Thanks again Annabel and Elisabeth and be sure to check in next Thursday to see what February's Book of the Month is!

P.S. Check out The Book Burger's Contest! They're giving away lots of books! And they're really nice! So go check it out!


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