The Compulsive Reader: House of Dance by Beth Kephart

Monday, January 28, 2008

House of Dance by Beth Kephart

Rosie Keith is in for a long summer. Her friends are all scattered for the three months at various jobs and camps, and her mother is hardly ever home, preferring to spend time with her business partner, who is also the man she is having an affair with. So Rosie turns to her grandfather, who is dying of cancer. During those long summer days, she helps Granddad clean through his multitudes of possessions, placing things to keep In Trust. It is on one of those day she discovers The House of Dance, and begins taking lessons there, hoping to put In Trust again a few of Granddad's long-ago memories before he is gone for good.

House of Dance is a distinct and intense look at Rosie's life, her losses, and how her family reacts. Kephart's words are lyrical and her incisive style propels the reader easily through the book. Her in-depth look at illness and foreshadowing of death are very realistic and heartfelt. You will find yourself relating easily to Rosie, and admiring her strength in this wonderfully crafted novel.

Also reviewed for HarperTeen. This book will be available through HarperCollin on May 27, 2008.


Beth Kephart said...

Wow. This is such a gift, Compulsive Reader! I really didn't even know HOUSE was being read out there, so I'm touched and surprised and relieved, and all of that, that you write so generously about it.

I thank you.

Beth Kephart

Em said...

I absolutely loved this one too. Have you read Beth's first YA book, Undercover? It's also fantastic!