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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Princess Diaries Vol. IX: Princess Mia

Happy New Year! I trust that you all had a safe and fun New Year. I sure did. And I would like to start 2008 off with what else but a review! Warning: If you have not read Princess on the Brink yet, you might want to run to the bookstore and read that before this review!

Princess Mia has hit rock bottom. Michael just wants to be friends, Lilly refuses to acknowledge she exists, and now Grandmere is insisting she give a speech before Domina Rei, New York's most successful business women. She can't even get out of bed, and now her parents are forcing to go to therapy. And her psychologist is so unconventional, Mia doesn't know if she can take him seriously. But the discovery of her ancestress's long lost diary may change everything...her future, her family's future, and her country.

The ninth installment of the ever popular Princess Diaries series is a bit more serious than its predecessors. Cabot explores the topic of depression in a perfectly believable sense that I believe many could relate to. Readers who may have felt a little frustrated at Mia in the past will rejoice with her as she matures, stands up for what she believes in, and finds her voice. But be warned: Princess Mia will leave you hanging in anticipation for the final book.

G out and grab yourself a copy! Also remember that I'll be interviewing Ms. Cabot soon, so keep reading for more information. Have a question you want to ask Meg? Send them to thecompulsivereader@gmail.com with Question(s) for Meg in the headline and you might just see your question in our interview!

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