The Compulsive Reader: Top Ten Best Ways to Turn Your Energy Around

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top Ten Best Ways to Turn Your Energy Around

Your energy is inviting all kinds of stuff into your life. Focus your energy on the stuff you don’t like, that’s what you’ll get. Re-focus on what you really want, and it’s coming your way a lot faster. If you want to get your energy working for you, not against you, here are 10 things to do to turn your energy around fast:

1. Cut to the chase. Take all the stuff that’s flying around in your head and ask yourself what you really want. Set one or two goals that you know are yours - not your friends’, not your parents – yours!

2. REFOCUS on what you want: When you think about what you want, does it sound like this: I really want to make the tennis team but I totally humiliated myself at tryouts last year, and all those girls know each other so well and I am going to screw this up, and it’s totally unfair! Focus your thoughts on how great it will feel to be on the tennis team. Delete all that other garbage.

3. Beware of the desperate crush! Why do you like him so much? Is he really so great or is his appeal just what he represents to you? If you’re into him because he seems cool and confident, maybe those are qualities you need to start developing in yourself. Work on yourself and you’ll start feeling less desperate. Desperate energy doesn’t bring anything but more desperation, swap it for a little confidence and see what you get.

4. Zip it. Ever notice that yicky feeling you get after you’ve really dished some serious gossip. It’s the bad energy you’re feeling and duck, because it’s coming back at you like a boomerang. Next time, when you’re about to get sucked in, walk away or pretend your cell phone’s ringing.

5. No whining! What you focus on most intensely is what you are attracting more of. So moaning about your big butt, your sadistic teacher and your lame parents will bring you…. More of the same.

6. Day dream. Take 3 minutes and really visualize that what you want it already yours. Where are you when you get the great news? What are you wearing? Who’s the first person you’ll tell? How do you feel? If you can really feel it, your energy has invited it.

7. Get grounded. It’s hard to focus on what you want when you’re frazzled. Take a few minutes every day to get organized, check when your assignments are due, make sure your favorite jeans are ready for Friday night. When you feel in charge of the little things it’s easier to focus on the big stuff.

8. Neg the negative people. Is there anyone in your life who is always dragging you down? It’s time to send them to the left, to the left! Try to spend more time with your friends who are a little more positive and who make you feel good about yourself. Don’t get sucked into someone else’s misery.

9. Get some ‘tude. Sorry, we just mean gratitude. The quickest jumpstart for good energy is to think of a couple of things you already have that you feel thankful for. It’s an easy way to attract more things to feel great about.

10. Meet the Universe Halfway. You can have items 1-9 perfected, but really making it happen requires you to take inspired action steps toward your goal. If you want new friends, make eye contact with your lab partner rather than the beaker. Don’t wear that new pair of Steve Madden 2 inch heels to the first hike of the Outdoors Club you are trying to join. And just so you know, it’s usually true that term papers don’t write themselves. Remember, the Universe will do it’s part, but you have to help it along.

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