The Compulsive Reader: February Book of the Month: The Ashleys by Melissa de la Cruz

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Book of the Month: The Ashleys by Melissa de la Cruz

Hola, readers! After the smashing success Book of the Month made in January with Click!, I am thrilled to announce that February’s Book of the Month is The Ashleys by popular YA goddess Melissa de la Cruz!

The Ashleys

The moment her father’s website, YourTV, went global, Lauren Page’s life changed. No longer is she the outcast scholarship student with frumpy clothing at the prestigious Miss Gamble’s Preparatory School for Girls. No, thanks to a new personal shopper and a rather large cash influx, she has a plan for seventh grade: a plan that includes getting even with the three privileged Ashleys who have made her life miserable for seven years. But her plan of infiltrating their clique and extracting revenge might not be as easy as she thought. Because no matter how big her house is, how many jets her dad owns, or how much money her family now has, it will take more than possessions for Lauren to earn the materialistic Ashleys’ Seal of Approval.

The Ashleys is hip and fresh, and a wonderfully entertaining book for those girls who are past the children’s books but may not yet be ready for some of the more popular YA reads. An intriguing and attention holding story, The Ashleys sheds light on to the privileged world of preteens without being obnoxious or too boastful. Rather than blending the characters together, which happens often within this genre, the author gives each character her own strong voice, which is a refreshing change. Accurate, amusing, and quick witted, The Ashleys is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Melissa de la Cruz is the author of The Au Pairs series, Blue Bloods, Fresh of the Boat, Angels on Sunset Boulevard and many other memorable teen books, along with a few adult titles as well. She lives with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles.

Well, we have loads of fun stuff planned out every Thursday this month, including a Valentine’s Day special and an interview with Mel herself (so you guys know the drill…if there’s anything special you’d like to ask her, email me any questions by Monday, February 18th, and you might just see it in the interview)!

And if you haven’t snagged a copy of The Ashleys yet, don’t worry! Thanks to the generosity of Simon and Schuster, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of the book to 5 lucky winners! Just email me your name, email, and mailing address with THE ASHLEYS in the headline for a chance to win. Only one entry per person, please! Multiple entries or those without complete information will NOT be included. All you entries must be mailed to thecompulsivereader@gmail.com by February 27th. Winners will be announced February 28, 2008!

Good luck guys, and stay tuned next week for Valentine’s Day Ashley style!


the story siren said...

I love Melissa De la cruz!! My fav's of her's are Blue Blood and Masquerade!!

Anonymous said...

Neat blog - found you through MySpace and wanted to stop by. Love reading about new books. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Ashleys series. I just finished the 3rd book about 15 minutes ago. I own hte first book, and got the second and third book from the local library. They are very interesting, and dramatic but that is why I LOVE THE ASHLEYS! It reminds me of the Clique series which BTW I love! But I would strongly recommend this to any teen!