The Compulsive Reader: Manderley Prep: A BFF Novel by Carol Culver

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Manderley Prep: A BFF Novel by Carol Culver

Everyone at exclusive Manderley Prep has the right clothes, the right car, and the right friends, which makes Cindy Ellis stand out like a sore thumb. Attending Manderley on a scholarship is her ticket to a chance at an Ivy League school, where she can get as far away as she can from her demanding stepmother and two conniving stepsisters. She intends to stay focused on her studies. But when charming Italian exchange student Marco shows up, she just can't help but fall for him, despite her intentions. Is a fairy-tale ending in the works?

The first in the new BFF series, Manderley Prep is upbeat and engrossing. It gives the reader a taste of what a privileged life is like--good and bad--without appearing pretentious. Also a real breakaway from the tired modern day re-tellings of Cinderella, this story is subtle, and the fairy tale doesn't dominate the entire plot, which allows for more serious plot twists that make this story believable and easy to relate to. Readers will love Cindy, and be rooting for this modern princess with a punch every step of the way.
Check out the sequel, Rich Girl, available now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not usually one for books about rich girls but if this got a good review from you, I'll probably check it out. It definitely seems cool.