The Compulsive Reader: ...Or Not? by Brian Mandabach

Thursday, February 21, 2008

...Or Not? by Brian Mandabach

Cassie is a mature, independent, non-conformist, and intelligent girl for her 13 years. But middle school is not kind to girls like Cassie. When she refuses to sing I'm Proud to Be An American during the September 11th memorial service, she finds herself more than just a loner, but a complete outcast. Bullied and harassed, Cassie withdraws, confiding only in her diary. As she becomes more and more unhappy, she tells of the previous summer, where she was content and set in her beliefs. But when one of her short stories in taken the wrong way, and she is thought to be depressed, Cassie will slowly make alliances with people her age. But will her refusal to report the bullying against her put those new friendships at risk?

...Or Not? is a your thinking girl's read. Cassie is an amicable, engaging, and engrossing narrator this so unlike the typical teen girl, but yet so alike at the same time. Her incisive and thoughtful views and questions will challenge the reader in this very tangible and believable book that every teen can relate to at one time or another. Mandabach portrays a very vivid picture of middle school and young teens today, and this is sure to be a novel that will get through and hit home to numerous readers.


Chelsea said...

Ooh, I've really been wanting to read this! It sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I hadn't heard of it until now.