The Compulsive Reader: Hershey Herself by Cecilia Galante

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hershey Herself by Cecilia Galante

Hershey Hollenback isn't especially well liked. She's bigger than most girls, and she's nearly blind in one eye thanks to a flying glass shard. But she does have at least one friend, Phoebe. It's Phoebe who helps Hershey come up with a plan to make her mom's boyfriend Slade angry so that her mom will finally leave him for once and for all. But when Slade lashes out and Hershey, her baby sister, and her mom end up at a battered woman's shelter, Hershey is left with even more worries than before. How will she be able to practice for the talent show and what about her cat Augustus Gloop? And more importantly, what if Mom decides to go back to Slade? But then Hershey comes up with the perfect plan...

Hershey Herself is a touching, frank, and sincere. The situation, while not common in many middle grade books, is very well presented. Galante has the ability to pull at the heartstrings without getting overly sappy, and it's a joy to watch Hershey's journey to confidence and self fulfillment. Lovable and full of all the angst that comes with being a teenager, this is one read that will appeal to mid grade and YA readers alike.

This book will be available from Aladdin M!X May 6, 2008.

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