The Compulsive Reader: March Book of the Month: Anna Godbersen Podcast!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Book of the Month: Anna Godbersen Podcast!

So last week while browsing through the HarperTeen website, I stumbled upon something I knew was there, but had forgotten about: podcasts! A bunch of YA authors have come together to record the scoop on what's behind the bestsellers, including Anna Godbersen!

Listen to Anna's episode, in which she talks about the research that went into The Luxe, her thoughts on the Gilded Age societies, and reads aloud the second chapter of the book.

Click here to listen now, and come back and tell me what you think. If you had the chance to ask Anna one question, what would it be?

P.S. Also be sure to check out the contest that HarperTeen is holding; you could win an iPod!

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Megan said...

With the help of Pocahontas II, I managed to listen to this podcast. Thanks for drawing it to my attention.

My favorite part of the podcast, the part about the research is when she said, "the excitement are in the private moments, the ones that aren't being photographed." Godbersen couldn't find her story in her research but in the places her research left.

My favorite part of the book was when she said Diana was dressed "satisfyingly bohemian" while the other girls were "dressed up as themselves but with more powder and artificially narrowed waists."

Neither of those are exact quotes because they are just from my notes while listen. I don't have a question at this time. The story she told of her research was very interesting. Oh, now that I said that a question popped into my head.

She said she had decided to write a story about teens in the guilded age of New York, then she details her research. But she never tells her motivation for the topic in the first place. So where did the seed come from? An interest in the time period? A void in the genre? Inspired by another book with maybe an adult emphasis?