The Compulsive Reader: Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Hayley eats to rebel against her Tofu-Queen mother, and for comfort against the many harsh cruelties that a girl who isn't stick thin and lives in Southern California is subjected to. She knows she has a problem, but she doesn't know how to stop. After resisting her mother's numerous and oftentimes humiliating attempts at helping her, her parents decide she needs a change of scenery, and sends her to stay with her mother's college friend, Patrice, in Italy. Hayley resolves not to take up her bad habits with her, but she will learn that sometimes well laid plans don't always go as they are supposed to, and the best thing to do is live your life, at times with unexpected results.

Pretty Face reads with an unexpected raw honesty that will strike a chord in nearly every girl. Hayley is self deprecating, but in a way that makes her entirely likable. Her truthful and edgy voice pulls the reader in, from her highly descriptive imagery of Italy, to her insightful reasoning and thoughts on being a teenager today. Though the setting seems unbelievable, this story is unique from start to finish, and full of reality. Hayley's witty, rousing and heartfelt journey to self confidence is one that will be certain to inspire.

This book will be available from HarperTeen on March 25th, 2008!

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Anonymous said...

If this bk is as good as Mary's other bks, it will be AWESOME!