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Thursday, March 20, 2008


First of all, thanks so very much to all of you that have graciously responded (oftentimes elaborately!) to my question, what do you think of historical fiction? It seems to me that many thought historical fiction was drab and boring before The Luxe burst onto scene. And if you still don't believe me, I'll give you three good reasons as to why you should at least read The Luxe, taken from your responses.

Chelsie L. said:

Science Fiction: Little Bobby is going on an adventure! He gets to travel to the land of the Mewores and try to save the planet from destruction by the evil Mr. Snibbles. (Uh, no thanks)

Adult Fiction: This is a corny tale about how Jane Doe finds her long lost daughter, and an encouraging tale about not giving up on your dreams and always sticking up for yourself. (Um... no.)

Romance: Some guy that looks like Fabio is doing God knows what to some girl who is shy and dainty but just happens to have the perfect, luscious hair and perfect, curvacious body. (Bleck.)

Historical Fiction: Corsets! Big dresses! Fancy people with lots of money, causing scandals and wreaking havoc in an otherwise perfect society! It's better than Gossip Girl! (but then again, what isn't?)

Reason Number One: Historical fiction is dramatic and exciting. And who doesn't like a little drama in fiction?

Sherry said:

I personally pretty much love historical fiction. If it's written well, I think the author has pulled off something phenomenal, because not only have they been able to tell a story in a fantastic way, they've done the research that backs it up and makes it real. It takes real talent to write something from a world unfamiliar to that we live in everyday.

Reason Number Two: Historical fiction is intriguing. It's something very familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time.

Angela said:

Historical fiction is fantastic - I love how you couldn't just come out and say mean things. If you wanted to be mean and make jabs at people, especially in high society, you had to do it with tact and intelligence, much different than all of these girls just cussing each other out today. And insults aren't the only thing...you have to think out your every move, with expectations that are a lot high, or your reputation will be ruined.

Reason Number Three: Historical fiction is smart, and cunning. These people, for the most part, have to have their wits about them, and they think.

Now, there have been many, many rumors (bad pun, sorry) floating about concerning the sequel to The Luxe. But I want to hear what you all think. Instead of gossiping about that girl who sits in front of you in trig, or who asked who out this weekend, make up a few harmless rumors concerning Anna Godbersen's next book. Go ahead, it's loads of fun! Comment or email me with your best ones!

Also don't forget to enter to win one of 10 beautiful copies of The Luxe, courtesy of the ever generous folks at HarperTeen. All you have to do is email me your name, address, email, and answer this very simple question: What do you think of historical fiction? Enter by next Wednesday, and the winners will be announced with next week's feature!


Anonymous said...


I heard that Elizabeth either doesn't ever really leave, or comes back secretly.

Also, that there's a wedding...

Anonymous said...


I heard that Elizabeth either doesn't ever really leave, or comes back secretly.

Also, that there's a wedding...

abscae said...

I don't think I've ever been asked to create rumors . . . :D

Hmmm: Well, apparently a friend of my sister's friend's mother's mother -in-law is well connected to the young adult novel's world and has gotten a hold of some juicy secrets. Elizabeth apparently runs away but never gets a hold of Will (it's practically impossible to get hold of a guy that doesn't want to be found . . .), and comes back to find her previous world in chaos.

I've also heard by the end of the novel that everyone learns of her 'death' as well as an elopement in the works!

-sigh- sweet historical drama.

(Apologies, I'm rather bad at creating rumors-blame my imagination at that. Gossiping about them is a different story ^_^).

Unknown said...

OK, me too! Historical fiction nut. Normally I am into historical romance but I ventured out of my box and took the advice of a friend and picked up this really sweet book called A Place To Belong. It's a story about a little boy who grows up in a really tough time in really tough circumstances. I hope you have a chance to pick it up. Don't forge the box of tissues.

Mary :>)