The Compulsive Reader: Twisted Sisters by Stephanie Hale

Monday, March 31, 2008

Twisted Sisters by Stephanie Hale

Aspen Brooks reigns again in another new catty and fun novel, Twisted Sisters. Right before she and her boyfriend Rand take off to college, Harry Malone warns Aspen of the dangers of life on college campuses, and to drive in his point, mentions his niece, Mitzy, a sorority girl who disappeared the previous spring. Aspen decides instantly to join Mitzy's sorority to see what she can find about that puzzling night, despite Rand's concerns. But college will bring more problems than a dead end mystery, and if Aspen doesn't watch herself, she may wind up a cold case herself...

Twisted Sisters is gripping and outstanding, and it's made even more enjoyable due to Aspen's maturity and the lack of negative drama found in Revenge of the he Homecoming Queen. Readers will delve into Aspen's college experience told in her witty and practical voice, and in between the confusing mystery of Mitzi's whereabouts, empathize with her as she and Rand, previously the king and queen of the social scene, struggle to fit in. The book mainly focuses on the social highlights of Aspen’s new life, making it a quick and easy read. Though slightly anachronistic at the end, the result is fun filled and memorable ending of what hopes to be a very promising series.

Look for Twisted Sisters in stores tomorrow, April 1st! (No, it's not a joke!)


Melissa Walker said...

I've been waiting to read this series forever--have the books, just have a huge to read pile! Now I'm even more eager. thanks!

Keri Mikulski said...

Sounds like a good one. I want to check it out.. :)