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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Author Spotlight!

Hey everyone!

Every so often an author comes along that really catches my attention, either through their sense of humor, their creativity, or unique style. Just recently I had the wonderful opportunity to read quite a few of one author’s books that really stood out. Her ability to connect with teens, and her very personal and honest voice came along and knocked me upside the head. It is because of this that I am thrilled to unveil a new feature here on The Compulsive Reader: Author Spotlight.

Our very first author to be featured, Mary Hogan, has written five books for young adults. She grew up in Southern California, and has been an editor for ‘TEEN Magazine, along with doing freelance work for magazines such as Seventeen and Family Circle. She also wrote two TV episodes, though one never made it on the air. She currently lives in New York City.

Mary has written five books for teens, the first of which being The Serious Kiss. Libby Madrigal wants nothing more than an honest to God, bona fide kiss. But that’s easier said than done when the only guy you like is already quite happy with another girl, and your life just keeps getting worse, with no intentions of getting better anytime soon.

Perfect Girl

Ruthie's life is far from perfect with a mom who doesn't understand her, her lack of a father, and a peculiar renter. Then she realizes that she is in love with her best friend, Perry. This revelation is only met with desperation when the perfect girl shows up at school, and has eyes for only Perry. But Ruthie has something that the perfect girl doesn't: a New York City aunt who is famous for being the Love Goddess. With Aunt Marty on her side, Ruthie may just have a fighting chance after all.

Achingly funny and sweet, Perfect Girl is a treat to read. By no means does Ruthie have a "normal" life, but her thoughts, emotions, and actions are those that all of us recognize. Hogan's eye for teens is dead on, and her characters are humorous, yet very human. The book deals with more than just self image issues, giving it a degree of reality that will engage scores of readers. You'll be delighted that you picked up Perfect Girl as Ruthie discovers that before you can become the Goddess of Love, you have to learn how to be the Goddess of Loving Yourself.

The Susanna Series

If there is anyone who can coax readers to feel empathetic for a girl who spends her summer vacation working for the most exclusive celebrity gossip magazine, it’s Mary Hogan!

In Susanna Sees Stars, Susanna Barringer has landed that ultimate summer job: an internship at Scene, one of the hottest celeb gossip magazines. Her new employer is impressed with her intelligence, but that doesn't mean Susanna is in for anything more exciting than finding the exact shade of pollen yellow eye shadow for her boss, or perfecting the Starbucks run. Or will her sharp wits and fierce determination propel her to unimaginable heights?

Susanna Sees Stars is a whirl of excitement, name-dropping, and pure fun that will whisk readers away. Hogan keeps it real by giving Susanna distinct and personable qualities that ensure her character is a grounded one, and her smarts and crazy antics will ensnare readers while at the same time giving the plot line flair. This enjoyable, unpretentious, and substantial novel is a The Devil Wears Prada for the teenage set.

Also, check out the sequel Susanna Hits Hollywood (I am especially excited to read this one!) in which Susanna gets the opportunity to cover the Academy Awards!

In the third book, Susanna Covers the Catwalk, Susanna will cover Fashion Week! It will be out in October, and the fourth book, Susanna Falls In Love…In London will hit stores in 2009!

And finally last, but certainly not least, Mary Hogan’s latest from HarperTeen, Pretty Face.

Hayley eats to rebel against her Tofu-Queen mother, and for comfort against the many harsh cruelties that a girl who isn't stick thin and lives in Southern California is subjected to. She knows she has a problem, but she doesn't know how to stop. After resisting her mother's numerous and oftentimes humiliating attempts at helping her, her parents decide she needs a change of scenery, and sends her to stay with her mother's college friend, Patrice, in Italy. Hayley resolves not to take up her bad habits with her, but she will learn that sometimes well laid plans don't always go as they are supposed to, and the best thing to do is live your life, at times with unexpected results.

Pretty Face reads with an unexpected raw honesty that will strike a chord in nearly every girl. Hayley is self deprecating, but in a way that makes her entirely likable. Her truthful and edgy voice pulls the reader in, from her highly descriptive imagery of Italy, to her insightful reasoning and thoughts on being a teenager today. Though the setting seems unbelievable, this story is unique from start to finish, and full of reality. Hayley's witty, rousing and heartfelt journey to self confidence is one that will be certain to inspire.

Be sure to check out each and every one of Mary’s books! You’ll laugh, cry, and won’t be sorry that you did! And as a part of the new Author Spotlight feature, Mary has graciously (and bravely!) agreed to answer any (and we do mean ANY) question that you may have for her, on any topic. So start sending them in! Either comment below, or email them to me at thecompulsivereader@gmail.com by Wednesday, April 30th, and Mary will answer them in a special interview on Friday! Go ahead…ask Mary ANYTHING!

P.S. Congrats to Min W. from Texas, Breanna F. from Washington, Ellen B. from Indiana, Grace L. from California, and Jennifer J. from Utah for winning a copy of How to be Popular! Your books will go out soon!

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