The Compulsive Reader: How to be Popular by Meg Cabot

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to be Popular by Meg Cabot

Steph Landry certainly wouldn't be classified as popular. The entire popular group at school hates her for something that was an accident. Her mom isn't too awful happy with her right now due to the fact that she's still talking to her grandfather, who sold land to developers, thus putting the family business in jeopardy. But Steph's determination to be well liked is in full throttle when she finds a book with detailed instructions on how to become popular. But it might get her more than she bargained for...

How to be Popular is yet another one of Cabot's many novels that capture the angst, vibrancy, and drama of teenage life perfectly. Though it may seem like Steph's instant popularity is a bit of a fluke, this is a novel that caters to both sides, as Steph realizes that popularity with the "In Crowd" may be fun, but is not the greener side of the pasture, and that being well liked among her own group of friends and people she actually likes is way more important. Besides the story being lively and entertaining, the advice that Steph follows is helpful and on the ball, and will appeal to the readers as much as the story does, creating yet another fun and instantly likable novel for the scads of Cabot fans.

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