The Compulsive Reader: Ordinary Me by June Sproat

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ordinary Me by June Sproat

Like any other new and inexperienced Driver's Ed student, Kate is nervous about getting on the road. Her apprehension only increases exponentially when she gets caught between the police chasing an escaped criminal, and ends up stopping him herself. She is suddenly one of the most popular girls over night, and the guy she likes is paying attention to her. Unfortunately for Kate, he's not the only one...a stalker is looming closer and closer...

Sproat takes what could be a ho-hum run of the mill plot and jazzes it up by adding a subtle element of danger. Kate's real friends' reactions are reasonable and plausible, as is their refreshing willingness to forgive her. Though Kate may seem a little childish at times, this is a fun, engaging book with an unexpected twist at the end that will delight readers.
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Anonymous said...

I read and reviewed it for TRT and I honestly didn't think it was that great. The writing seemed pretty crappy to be honest, even though the plot was good. Did it seem that way to you or was it just me?