The Compulsive Reader: Perfect Girl by Mary Hogan

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Perfect Girl by Mary Hogan

Ruthie's life is far from perfect with a mom who doesn't understand her, her lack of a father, and a peculiar renter. Then she realizes that she is in love with her best friend, Perry. This revelation is only met with desperation when the perfect girl shows up at school, and has eyes for only Perry. But Ruthie has something that the perfect girl doesn't: a New York City aunt who is famous for being the Love Goddess. With Aunt Marty on her side, Ruthie may just have a fighting chance after all.

Achingly funny and sweet, Perfect Girl is a treat to read. By no means does Ruthie have a "normal" life, but her thoughts, emotions, and actions are those that all of us recognize. Hogan's eye for teens is dead on, and her characters are humorous, yet very human. The book deals with more than just self image issues, giving it a degree of reality that will engage scores of readers. You'll be delighted that you picked up Perfect Girl as Ruthie discovers that before you can become the Goddess of Love, you have to learn how to be the Goddess of Loving Yourself.

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