The Compulsive Reader: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Kate's sophomore year hasn't been the best so far. Her only close friend has stopped speaking her after she lost 90 pounds and made friends with the popular crowd. Her father quits his job to sell cheesy, overpriced vitamins, and money is so tight that her wealthy nightmare of a grandmother moves in, causing even more tension at home.

Her whole life seems to be falling apart around her, but strangely enough, obnoxious Will Miller seems to be paying quite a lot of attention to Kate. But is he looking for an actual relationship or just another meaningless hook-up for which he is notorious for?

Here is a novel full of loyalty, laughter, anger, and tears. Every sort of insecure feeling that you've ever felt is artfully channeled through Perfect You in such a way that each and every reader can make an instant connection with Kate. Her fears, hopes, and expectations are tangible and are those that you can easily empathize with, making her triumphs over each insecurity all the more satisfying. Scott's portrayal of first love is confusing, exhilarating, and refreshing, and readers will delight in the verbal sparring between Kate and Will as they try to find a happy medium. This is the type of novel that will cause you to smile just as quickly as it will make you sad. Wholesome and substantial, Perfect You is as real as it gets.


Melissa Walker said...

"wholesome and substantial"--love it! can't wait to read this one. it's in my pile.

Anonymous said...

This book is in my TBR pile too- I bought it while I was down in Chapel Hill this past weekend for two author readings/signings. Can't wait to get to it. Great review!

Rachael Stein said...

i am going to borrow this from my friend so i can read it :D sounds good

Anonymous said...

I loved this book a lot ;)