The Compulsive Reader: Singing Hands by Delia Rey

Friday, April 4, 2008

Singing Hands by Delia Rey

Gussie Davis never meant to be disrespectful by humming aloud in church. She was just tired of trying to follow the sermon. And besides, no one noticed. How could they, when everyone is deaf? But when an unexpected visitor--one that CAN hear--gets her into trouble with her deaf parents, it will set Gussie on a path that will teach her love, acceptance, respect, and most of all, integrity.

Delia Rey's Singing Hands reveals the prejudice that those who were without hearing were exposed to in the 1940's, and how resilient and resourceful they became. Very well researched, it is a testament of how cruel and unforgiving the land of the free can be to those who are different. Gussie is caught between two worlds, the hearing one, and the deaf one, and her struggle to find her place is realized through her escapades that will entertain, sadden, and inspire readers as Gussie finally learns that she can embrace one world without rejecting the other.

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