The Compulsive Reader: Susanna Sees Stars by Mary Hogan

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Susanna Sees Stars by Mary Hogan

Susanna Barringer has landed that ultimate summer job: an internship at Scene, one of the hottest celeb gossip magazines. Her new employer is impressed with her intelligence, but that doesn't mean Susanna is in for anything more exciting than finding the exact shade of pollen yellow eye shadow for her boss, or perfecting the Starbucks run. Or will her sharp wits and fierce determination propel her to unimaginable heights?

Susanna Sees Stars is a whirl of excitement, name-dropping, and pure fun that will whisk readers away. Hogan keeps it real by giving Susanna distinct and personable qualities that ensure her character is a grounded one, and her smarts and crazy antics will ensnare readers while at the same time giving the plotline flair. This enjoyable, unpretentious, and substantial novel is a The Devil Wears Prada for the teenage set.

Be sure to look for the sequel, Susanna Hits Hollywood, in stores next week!

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