The Compulsive Reader: Fix by Leslie Margolis

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fix by Leslie Margolis

Cameron Beekman's life changed forever when she had a nose job at age 15. No longer Beakface, she's now one of the Beautiful People. Accepted, popular, and glamorous, she's never been happier. Now 18, Cameron has no qualms about going under the knife again, but her decision has angered her parents, despite the fact that her young sister Allie will soon get a nose job herself. Allie has her reservations about the procedure, but when surrounded by her glamorous, model mother, and gorgeous, successful sister, she can't help but wonder...would plastic surgery finally allow her to fit in with her own family?

Scintillating, gritty, and engrossing, Fix poses a simple, yet powerful question to women of today: what exactly is beauty? It's a controversial subject, and Margolis handles it with supreme competence. This is a novel that doesn't choose sides, but instead qualifies each view of cosmetic surgery. It's full of facts and details, delivering a truthful, introspective look at the issue of appearance. Each character's individualism stands out as they must make a decision that will change their lives. Unflinching and riveting, Fix will make you think.

Click here to learn more about Leslie Margolis's second book, Price of Admission.


Anonymous said...

This looks so awesome. So, of course, it's going on my wishlist and hopefully I'll be able to get it sometime! Awesome review, btw :)

Theopinionedreader said...

This Book looks great can't wait to read it.

Steven said...

Whatever makes you happy, then go. That's her body she can do whatever she wants to do. If getting a nose job is what makes her happy, no one should ever stop her.

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Kyle Xanders said...

Plastic surgery has becoming more and more popular and even influence literature.

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Honey Swindle said...

As long as it’s not affecting the persons health there is no problem. The worst thing that she can do if she turn out to be addicted to it, I hope not.

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daniellaprice30 said...

The younger sister in the story is in a compelling situation I guess that's why she wants to have a rhinoplasty too. There are other procedures however like buccal fat removal that is less painful yet could also enhance our facial features.

Jake Phillips said...

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Sharon said...

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