The Compulsive Reader: How I Found the Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How I Found the Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood

The magic and adventure that Morgan experienced the previous summer in the novel Why I Let My Hair Grow Out are nearly forgotten as March drags on, and Morgan helps plan what will be the worst junior prom ever. Everything starts to look sunny again when Colin, her hunk of a tour guide from Ireland writes to say that he's coming to Connecticut.

But when he arrives groggy and bleary eyed, it doesn't take long for Morgan to realize that it's more than jet lag that's making Colin so weary...but the Fair Folk who invade his dreams and want to dance with him from dusk til dawn. They refuse to leave him alone, and it's going to take all of Morgan's brains to figure out how to get him away before he gives out in exhaustion.

How I Found the Perfect Dress is a nicely paced, fun, and magical read that tops its predecessor, Why I let My Hair Grow Out. It's full of sarcastic, witty humor, more hysterical magical beings, and meddling faeries. What makes it memorable are the Fair Folk--they're just as described in those old tales, but rocking a 21st century style. There's a plot twist that's building up suspense around every corner, and Morgan handles it all with flair. Wood has created an absolutely wonderful, sparkling read.

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Melissa Walker said...

I have both these books and can't wait to read them. Their covers are magical, no? Thanks for the review!