The Compulsive Reader: May Book(s) of the Month: A Word from Susane Colasanti!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May Book(s) of the Month: A Word from Susane Colasanti!

Back in my teaching days, some kids didn’t understand why I was all perky on Monday mornings with my whole TGIM routine. They were like, “How can you have so much energy? It’s mad early. And you don’t even drink coffee!” They didn’t get why I was so happy all the time. What they didn’t know is that it took me years of surviving painful times and horrible situations to get to this point where I can be the person I wanted to be for so long. I used creative visualization to get here and I keep using it to reach my goals. It’s a way to create your ideal life and love what you do.

Creative visualization isn’t about just wishing for things and then they, like, magically appear or something. It’s about clearly imagining the life you want to live and then taking steps every day toward manifesting that image. If you work on creating your ideal life every day, you will eventually be living that life.

This is how I found my apartment. More than anything, I wanted to live in this neighborhood. The problem? Is that the average one-bedroom is way more expensive than I could afford. Every single person told me I was crazy and that I could never find a place here within my budget. Brokers laughed at me. Agents told me to try Weehawken, just like in that Sex and the City ep where Carrie can’t believe that a tiny shoebox of a place cost $2,800 a month. But I didn’t let go of my dream, and I found an affordable place here that’s awesome.

Or take becoming an author. I was like, “I’m writing a book. And it’s going to be published.” People looked at me funny. A friend sent information on how to self-publish your book. People doubted. They were like, “But you’re a high school science teacher. Did you even take a creative writing class?” The answer to that question is no. And the truth? Is that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I was passionate about becoming an author. I had this knowing that When It Happens would be published. I never gave up making that dream come true.

What I’m discovering is that the more you dream and hope and wish, and the more you send positive energy out into the universe, the more amazing things happen to you. It’s all about the karma. So imagine your ideal life and live that dream. Carry that image in your heart every day until the day arrives when your dream is reality. Because you deserve to live your happiest life.

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