The Compulsive Reader: Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

Morgan is a bit too extreme for her parents. When faced with a breakup with her first boyfriend, she cuts her hair extremely short, and dyes it orange. She doesn't talk to any of her old friends, and is moping around the house. So her parents, meaning well, but perhaps a little misguided, book her a week long biking trip to Ireland, where Morgan meets Colin, one of the guides. Colin's unusual attitude appeals instantly to Morgan, but it's kinda hard to make any progress in the relationship department when you keep getting whisked away to Long-Ago, where you are evidently a half goddess and are expected to lift the kingdom of an evil enchantment....

Maryrose Wood's Why I Let My Hair Grow Out is an outrageously funny, quirky, and brilliant read. Each character is unique and vibrant, with their own distinct voice. Morgan is an endlessly witty main character who will appeal to the teen reader immensely. Her remarkable flair and zany attitude make this lively, fun froth of romance, mystery, and magic a MUST READ, with one kick-butt cover to boot.


Nichole. said...

Thank you so much The Compulsive Reader.
I appreciate you taking your time to submit a question. A did post advice for the situation you presented. :]

aja_aeloc said...

You know who this is T.P. and S.F. wants to read this A.S.A.P., if you know what I mean.

It reminds you of me...? Alos, I have EXTRAS.

Anonymous said...

fine post and fine introduction to the funny story.