The Compulsive Reader: Susanna Hits Hollywood by Mary Hogan

Friday, June 6, 2008

Susanna Hits Hollywood by Mary Hogan

After making quite a splash on to the celebrity reporting scene with her scoop on Russell Sanders last summer, Susanna Barringer is ready to take on Hollywood and the Academy Awards. But when she arrives, she's disappointed to find that no one, not even Keith, seems to be interested in finding the perfect scoop. They all just want to take their pictures of the stars on the big night and be done with it. But Susanna can't accept that, and knows that if she wants to be taken seriously, she'll have to be creative and daring in order to find that perfect story that'll earn her the respect she deserves. And she plans to do just that. If, that is, she can get away from her demanding boss Nell long enough to figure out just what that perfect scoop is.

Susanna Hits Hollywood is a lighthearted and wholesomely fun read. Susanna is a strong, determined, and clever character; a real role model plunked down in the middle of a very materialistic and vain world. Her values and self deprecating humor keep her real, and her zany ideas and knack for getting herself into predicaments make her an easygoing and enjoyable character. Though this second installment is shorter and a bit lighter than its prequel, it's just as much fun. Susanna Hits Hollywood is the ideal beach ride.

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Be sure to check out the third book in the Susanna series, Susanna Covers the Catwalk, coming in October!


Carolina said...

Compulsive Reader the guy in the cover of City of Glass is a new character. His name is Sebastian.

Anonymous said...

I have this book in my TBR pile- I can't wait to read it. :) Great review!

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