The Compulsive Reader: Books That Suck Month: Day Two: Marked by PC and Kristen Cast

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Books That Suck Month: Day Two: Marked by PC and Kristen Cast

So, if you are a Teen Tuesday reader, you'll know aboiut my issues with the House of Night series. But, to make a long story short, I've had the first three books since like January. I read them for the first time last week. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. Yes, they are THAT good. The first is called Mark, snd here is a review.
Marked by PC and Kristen Cast

When Zoey is Marked, all hopes of fitting in at her suburban high school seem to suddenly vanish. She already feels like a stranger in her own family, and when her religious step-father finds out that Zoey has been Marked to undergo training to become a vampyre, he is convinced that she is evil, and together, he and her mother refuse to accept that Zoey has only two options…learn how to become a vampyre, or die.

Fitting in at her new school, The House of Night, is nearly impossible as well, for the goddess of the night, Nyx, has bestowed special powers upon Zoey, making her the most powerful fledgling in history, and earning her many enemies. But Zoey is not alone. With the help of some newfound friends, her spiritual Cherokee grandmother, and her mentor, she will learn to embrace her talents and take the first step to righting the many sinister happenings at The House of Night.

Marked is riveting and fast paced right from the very start. Zoey's biting wit and easygoing, honest demeanor make Marked an easy read to get sucked in to (no pun intended). While the exposition of the story may seem a bit too hasty, the Casts make up for it in suspense and remarkable character development, in not just Zoey, but every person, friend or foe. The tone of the novel is pitched perfectly, and it includes references to drug, alcohol, and sex without being graphic, but entirely realistic and plausible. The Casts certainly know how to speak teens' language, bringing us a thrilling novel that will make the heart pound, the mind race, and will ultimately capture the imagination.
Look for a review of Betrayed, the second in the House of Night series, coming your way tomorrow!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice review! I have yet to read these books, but I've seen them around so much...I'll have to check them out!


Ashley said...

good review. i've seen this at the book store and thought about getting it. i'm going to read them when i get the chance!

haha, we are both compulsive readers. :)


Anonymous said...

P.C. Cast was one of my teachers in high school. I've only read the first one.