The Compulsive Reader: Books That Suck Month: Day Five: Bitten by Jennifer Banash And a Word From the Author

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Books That Suck Month: Day Five: Bitten by Jennifer Banash And a Word From the Author

Jennifer Banash, author of The Elite and its sequel In Too Deep, is more than just a contemporary teen author. She's also written a paranormal teen book called Bitten that takes you straight to the heart of all of the vampire myths.

Bitten by Jennifer Banash

Love is definitely a pain in the neck . . .

Mina Vanderbilt has just moved with her family to a dilapidated, musty, stone castle in Romania that once belonged to Dracula himself. Her parents, successful Manhattan real estate moguls, are clearly in the throes of a major midlife crisis, and, as a result, have decided to "rearrange their priorities" by selling the Vanderbilt's fabulous penthouse apartment, and moving Mina and her identical twin sister Lucy to Eastern Europe after bidding an astounding $137.5 million dollars at ultra-exclusive auction at Sothebys. But before both girls begin attendance at a posh boarding school in Geneva, Switzerland, they'll spend the summer at their new home sweet home—a castle situated in the heart of Romania, just off of Highway 73—better known as the intersection of creepy and get-me-the-hell-out-of-here—worlds away from their sophisticated Manhattan lifestyle where they're used to getting whatever they want, whenever they want. With Prada bags slug firmly over their shoulders, they'll learn to navigate the endless corridors and wings of the drafty pile of bricks (OK, their mother, Amanda, began a massive redecorating and demolition project immediately on their arrival, but come ON—there are SKULLS in the cellar for God's sake!) which may or not be haunted by the spirit of a certain cape-wearing, blood-sucking legend . . .

Upon their arrival, Mina quickly falls in with Jonathan Marlowe—the town's resident hottie, who's left London to visit his grandfather for the summer and spends his days attempting to pen the next great British novel at the town's lone cafĂ©. But after Lucy suffers a "bite" from a mysterious apparition one evening while trolling the grounds of the castle, her love life will never be the same again. Expressions like "can I have a bite of that?" take on a WHOLE new meaning, and suddenly, the most notorious identical, inseparable twins in all of Manhattan have never been quite so different . . .

Summary courtesy of Jennifer Banash.

Says Jennifer on her new novel, "BITTEN is like a cross between GOSSIP GIRL and DRACULA. What makes it special is that it’s a contemporary update of the Dracula legend—seen through the eyes of two identical twin socialites whose parents have bought Dracula’s castle in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and who then, of course, move the family to Romania."

When asked why she decided to write about vampires, Jennfer said, "When I was around thirteen, I was completely OBSESSED with Anne Rice’s Vampire Trilogy—before she became a born-again Christian! I thought the Lestat books were some of the most compelling and imaginative fiction ever penned about Vampires (sorry TWILIGHT fans!). Ever since then, I’ve always loved vampires. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being bitten—their lives—no matter who’s writing—are always so glamorous and dark—and I have a dark side roughly the size of Australia."

Bitten does not have a publisher as of yet, but rest assured that Jennifer and her agent are working on it! In the meantime, you can buy copies of The Elite and pre-order In Too Deep! And good luck to Jennifer on getting Bitten published! It sounds fabulous!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

OHHHH it does sound fabolous. It needs to get a publisher! YES YES YES. I want to read it for sure. Nice little summary and info on the book....sounds awesome. :)


Breanna said...

That sounds so great! That'd be awesome to able to write on two different topics like that.

I hope Bitten finds a publisher very soon!