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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cool New Reads!

Check out these new releases...the perfect way to spend your lazy summer days!

Kitty, Kitty by Michele Jaffe

Venice, Italy better watch out...Jasmine Callihan is on the loose. But this time she's determined not to get involved in anything Dadzilla would disapprove of...especially after what happened in Vegas, resulting in him whisking her away from her wonderful new boyfriend. She will be perfecting her skills as the Model Daughter. But all of her intentions go poof in the wind when her new friend Arabella is found dead. With her keen knack for solving crimes, super power for attracting cats, and le crazy friends, how can Jas not get involved?

Jump in quick, Kitty Kitty is yet another wild and hilarious ride. Never boring, Jas is an upbeat, witty, and dramatic narrator whose flair for trouble and intelligence will enrapture the reader. Each character is vividly expressed, unique, and entirely unforgettable. Throw in a completely absorbing mystery with some unexpected plot twists and you have yourself an extravaganza that is le fabulous!

The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson

Sophie's life at her boarding school and great-aunt's home in 1938 Edinburgh is a satisfactory one. Never one for athletics or too much excitement, Sophie occupies her time studying, and plans to go to University, or become a trained assistant to the country's business leaders. But a frightening series of terrorist bombs soon disrupts her quiet life, and after a unsettling encounter with a medium at a séance, Sophie begins to unravel a deadly plot that will not only affect her future, but the fate of her schoolmates, family, Scotland, and even the rest of Europe.

What would have happened if things had transpired differently? This age-old question is answered in this chilling and fast-paced novel that weaves a tale of what might have happened had one day in 1815 turned out differently. Set in a world that is at the same time technologically advanced and backward, The Explosionist is a thrilling journey full of mystery and suspense, with a careful balance of politics, science, and supernatural intrigue. Though the story starts off slightly confusing, Davidson's characters are perfectly crafted and her plot cleverly constructed, resulting in a haunting, tremendous novel that will attract readers of all ages.

The Guy Next Door by Carol Culver

Maggie's life took a nose dive after her parents' divorce. Forced to move out of the large mansion that she grew up in, Maggie and her mother now live in a small house in a decidedly less affluent neighborhood. None of their old friends talk to them, and they are always coming up short on money. Luckily for Maggie, she still attends exclusive Manderley Prep, and she's made a few new friends along the way. But she'd like nothing more than for Ethan, her childhood playmate and ex-neighbor, to notice her as a girl, and not think of her as the metal mouth tomboy she used to be. The perfect chance arrives in the shape of a class trip to Hawaii, but how will Maggie ever be able to afford it?

The Guy Next Door is a completely absorbing and unique read. Maggie is intelligent, grounded and self deprecating in an empathetic way. Her continued worries about money may rub some readers the wrong way, but they'll be happy to see as the plot goes along, Maggie comes to find that she can live a happy and fulfilling life without the deep pockets she had before. Returning readers of the BFF series will also be able to summon up a bit of righteous indignation as the headmaster of Manderley Prep continues to form the school to his expectations, causing chaos along the way. The Guy Next Door is the perfect froth of teenage angst, romance, rule breaking, and action that'll keep you reading to the very last page.

The Center of the Universe (Yep, That Would Be Me) by Anita Liberty (aka Suzanne Weber)

Anita Liberty is a teenager. And it sucks. She's subjected to her parents' craziness and other cruelties that the world saves especially for teenagers. Throughout her junior and senior years of high school Anita is put on a platform, given drama lessons, dumped by a French boy, dumps an egomaniac, and has a curse cast upon her, among other painful, embarrassing, and sometimes joyful things. Ah, the life of a teenager...

Told completely in hilarious, heartrending, and very candid poems, diary entries, and lists, The Center of the Universe (Yep, That Would Be Me) is a wonderfully fun and quirky cross between The Princess Diaries and The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Anita Liberty is you, your best friend, that girl who sits next to you in English. Amazingly perceptive and full of wry humor, fun times, awful times, and many, many cute guys, this is one cool and edgy book that reaches out to teens and sends a message that is loud and clear: YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

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The Guy Next Door sounds like a good one. another i will have to check out! good reviews!