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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have a bit of a conundrum...I am confused about the order of two series. I've heard too many different answers, so I thought I'd ask you guys to see if anyone knows.

I have copies of both Prom Queen Geeks by Laura Preble and Fringe Benefits by Valerie Frankel. Both appear to be a part of a series. What order are they in? First or last? If last, can they be read out of order? If not, can anyone tell me what order they go in and/or lend me a copy of the previous books?

Thanks for your help, guys. I've heard so many different things, I don't know what to believe!



Carolina said...

Prom Queen Geeks is the third book in the series. The first one is The Queen Geek social club and the second one is Queen Geeks in love. I have the first two books but I haven't read them yet. I don't know about the other book...

Anonymous said...

Fringe Benefits is the third book in the series as well. I just received this book (and Prom Queen Geeks, incidentally) today from Penguin without asking for either (well, I did ask for Prom Queen Geeks). If you look at the "Author of..." on the front cover, it says the first two book titles.

I have all three Queen Geek books, if you want to borrow the first two. I don't have either of the first two Fringe books though- maybe check the library?

Alea said...

Looks like you already got your answer but I found this. http://www.queengeeksocialclub.com/book.html