The Compulsive Reader: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Day after day, Alice lives a life of confinement, inflicted on her by her abductor, Ray, who kidnapped her five years previously. Her life now is full of constant pain, from starvation to sexual abuse, without any hopes of escaping...except through death. It's a route that Alice is willing to take, if only she could find the chance. But then even her desperate hope for death is marred by Ray's one last request: find a girl to replace Alice. Despite the horror of his demand, Alice sets about doing it, with only one thought on her mind: freedom.

Living Dead Girl is a spine-tingling novel. It is all at once alarming, disturbing, and powerful. Though short, it demands your attention as Alice slowly reveals the details of her life, and her state of mind is brought to light. Scott is daring, not leaving anything out, and offers intriguing insights concerning Alice's refusal to speak out against Ray. Readers won't help but feel conflicting emotions of immense pity and exasperation for Alice, especially as she resolves to escape from Ray at the cost of another little girl's life and innocence. Brilliantly executed and sensitively written, Living Dead Girl is a harrowing, heart-pounding experience that will make you cringe, give you hope, force you to think differently, and ultimately haunt the mind for weeks to come.

Living Dead Girl will be available to purchase from Simon Pulse September 16th, 2008.

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YA Book Realm said...
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YA Book Realm said...

Oh I really want to read this book! Especially after reading Stealing Heaven, I'm a big Scott fan. lol It sounds SO different then her previous books.

The Compulsive Reader said...

It IS way different, but oh so good. I like an author who can stretch beyond her boundaries...and Elizabeth Scott is on fire! She's published/is publishing so many books in such a short time since Bloom debuted.

Carolina said...

This book was spine-tingling. It's still in my head and I read it about a week ago. I'm having a contest come check it out. Here's the link

Lenore Appelhans said...

Great review!