The Compulsive Reader: Rumors by Anna Godbersen

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rumors by Anna Godbersen

Manhattan has never before had more juicy gossip to spread ever since Elizabeth Holland's mysterious "demise". But as the New Year approaches, rumors fly and the Holland family is bombarded with endless questions...and endless bills. Diana Holland finds her own way of making money, and she and Henry Schoonmaker fall in love. But Penelope Hayes is determined to make Henry hers--no matter what the cost. Elizabeth is living blissfully out West with Will, but then a panicked note from her sister brings her rushing back to the city. And in between it all is a former maid who has the inside sources and ambition that will threaten them all.

Fast paced, elegant, and full of intrigue, Rumors proves to be much more engrossing and complicated than its prequel. Penelope becomes the villain that you come to feel sorry for, Henry the man with surprising depth, Diana the unlikely and lovable heroine, and Lina the dreaming girl you have to pity and admire.

Moving beyond the standard plotlines that dominated The Luxe, Godbersen weaves an intricate and convoluted story via the many colorful and wonderfully unique characters that builds and builds until it takes on a life of its own. In this glittery, elusive and sly world seeping with secrets, things aren't always as they seem, a secret told is worth a tidy sum, but a secret kept is worth more, and you should never underestimate the power of money and reputation. Godbersen builds suspense until the very end, giving us both a happy and unhappy ending, and leaves readers wrapped around her little finger, begging for more.


Anonymous said...

i LOVED this book- and 'the luxe' too! i can't wait until 'envy' comes out... in january??

Unknown said...

Great review, I read and loved The Luxe. I have to pick up Rumors!

pimprenelle said...

I've just finally gotten around to reading the Luxe and I can't wait to read Rumours. Your review actually makes me think it might be better than the first installment, which I already thought was great.
I just love the period and settings, the simple plot didn't bother me that much...