The Compulsive Reader: The Time Cavern by Todd A. Fonseca

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Time Cavern by Todd A. Fonseca

When Aaron moves into an old Amish farm in the country, he's surprised at all the things that he discovers--a new friend named Jake, who is actually a girl, a mysterious secret surrounding his house, and an old chest containing a diary, a map, and odd mechanisms. These things all lead Aaron and Jake to a time machine in a secluded part of the forest and on an adventure they won't forget.

The Time Cavern is a great adventure for younger readers, with a unique setting that is at once interesting and educational, and not at all boring. Aaron is a well developed and lively character, and although his adventures are far fetched, many kids will be able to relate to his curiosity and his home life. Full of enough details to keep younger readers happily occupied, but not too many as to confuse them, The Time Cavern is well balanced. However, towards the end and during the climatic chapters, some kids may have a little bit of trouble keeping up, as it does get a little confusing, even for an older reader. But once they wade through those turbulent and fast paced chapters, they'll be begging for more adventures with Aaron and Jake.

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