The Compulsive Reader: Violet by Design by Melissa Walker

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Violet by Design by Melissa Walker

In the spirit of August's Book of the Month, the third book in the Violet series by Melissa Walker, here's a review of the second book, Violet by Design!

After the flurry of bad press, fights with friends, and a bold abandonment of the New York modeling industry in the end of Melissa Walker's first book, Violet on the Runway, Violet Greenfield is back home in Chapel Hill, resolute in her decision to never return to the twisted modeling business. But when a famous foreign designer requests her especially and a free ticket to Brazil is waved in front of her eyes, Violet can't resist the allure of international travel. Before she knows it, she's swept back up in the glamour as she takes Brazil, Madrid, and Paris by storm.

But some tough decisions may leave her fumbling, and put her relationship with her best guy friend Roger in jeopardy. To add t her stress, Violet can't help but feel like a total hypocrite when she joins a campaign that promotes healthy living and inspiring girls to love themselves the way they are, but then is asked to drop five pounds before the shoot. But with new friends like Veronica and the support of her friends and family, she just might be able to get through it all.

Violet by Design won't fail to feed the insatiable appetite for name dropping many readers will have acquired after reading Violet on the Runway. But this installment reaches greater depth as Violet faces the many pressures of modeling head on--and doesn't always win. Though it may take a little while for the real drama to kick in and the book to pick up, readers are well rewarded by Walker's solidarity in refusing to condescend to her readers by giving them an ideal character who is relentlessly valiant in her refusal to succumb to the pressure of the modeling business. Instead we get the pleasure of reading with Violet as her vulnerable side is revealed, and she bends to the pressure, but doesn't break--and instead is able to admit that she's wrong and bounce back in a truly admirable way. Violet the Valiant once again will charm readers as she continues in her quest to find where she belongs.

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Anonymous said...

Love this series- great review!!

Melissa Walker said...

Thanks for the review! So glad it didn't disappoint!