The Compulsive Reader: Nick of Time by Ted Bell

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nick of Time by Ted Bell

Nick McIver and his sister Kate live a happy life on an island off the coast of England, spending their days exploring and sailing as the children of the lighthouse keeper. But it's turbulent times in 1939, and Nick's father has been engaged by Winston Churchill himself to watch the waters of the English Channel for prowling Nazi U-boats, and Nick and Katie are eager to help. But one day the discovery of an old sea chest containing a time machine, the sighting of a high-tech U-boat, and the arrival of some unsavory characters launch Nick and Kate into the adventure of their lives and they’ll struggle to protect their beloved home from enemies all around them.

From the very beginning of Nick of Time, author Ted Bell enraptures the reader with fast paced and riveting action. The story is constructed with younger readers in mind, but will appeal to older teens and adults as well who don't mind reading about younger protagonists—although the adventure never lets up long enough for them to mind! Some younger, less experienced readers may find it hard to wade through all of the nautical jargon and the two different time periods, but Bell's themes of honesty, loyalty, and courage, wrapped up in fierce determination to do what's right, will hit home with any reader. Historical, exciting, humorous, and suspenseful, Nick of Time has the makings of a classic.

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Louella2000 said...

I read it and it was an awesome twist of WWII and swashbuckling adventure. It is recommended for 9 year olds because there is violence like guns and (SPOILER ALERT!) shooting someone out of a cannon, therefore killing them, threatening with a gun. (END OF SPOILER ALERT) But, it is kinda educational about who was fighting the second World War. I highly recommend for adults and kids 9 and over. There is some drinking at the end, smoking, violence, and some positive themes which are love, bravery, and loyalty. It is a 5 star book.