The Compulsive Reader: September Book of the Month: A Sneak Peek of Impossible

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September Book of the Month: A Sneak Peek of Impossible

Thanks for tagging along with us all month long. I sincerely hope that you have picked up a copy if Impossible by now, or you plan to. A big thank you to Nancy who has been so kind and eager to work with me this month. It's been a blast!

For those of you who are still unsure about Impossible...here's the trailer. Try resisting the book after watching it, I dare you!

Do your stories come to you in random bits that you strong together, or do they come in order, like a movie?

My stories usually come in order, but they come on the page as I'm writing. In other words, I get the ideas and scenes that I need while I'm actively working on a book, not abstractly in my head before writing. (With the exception of the "inciting idea(s)" that spark a new book, that is.)

I don't outline in advance in any way, shape, or form. Once I have enough of an idea (again, the "inciting idea") to get started, I'll simply sit down and try to think of a scene that I will need at the beginning, and I begin to write, experimenting with what "feels" right, until I have enough to go on to the next scene. Each scene builds on the one before it, and I learn my characters and their story as I write about them. And so, I grope my way forward in this way, rather haphazardly, until I have a complete first draft.

Then all bets are off, and I am free to work in a more random order, depending on what parts of the story need to be changed and revisioned in subsequent drafts, of which there are generally a minimum of three.

Usually, I'll start again at the beginning in draft two, and work my way completely through the story making changes, but because at this point I have a better idea of what I'm doing, I am more confident and can skip around if I need to.

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