The Compulsive Reader: Halloween Spooktacular: Love is Hell

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular: Love is Hell

Do you like to keep your reads short and spooky? Well, you're in luck--HarperTeen has compiled two great anthologies of paranormal stories by some of the best YA authors (Stephenie Meyer, Scott Westerfeld, Melissa Marr, Meg Cabot) out there--with a romantic twist.

Prom Nights From Hell by Meg Cabot, Michele Jaffe, Stephenie Meyer, Lauren Myracle, and Kim Harrison

In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular), Kim Harrison (A Fistful of Charms), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Lauren Myracle (ttyl) take bad prom nights to a whole new level—a paranormally bad level. Wardrobe malfunctions and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your date is the Grim Reaper—and he isn't here to tell you how hot you look.

From angels fighting demons to a creepy take on getting what you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a bad tux. No corsage or limo rental necessary. Just good, scary fun.

Love is Hell by Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Laurie Faria Stolarz, Melissa Marr, and Gabrielle Zevin

Sure, love is hell. But it's totally worth it.

In these supernatural stories by five of today's hottest writers—Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely), Scott Westerfeld (Specials), Justine Larbalestier (Magic or Madness), Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere), and Laurie Faria Stolarz (Blue is for Nightmares)—love may be twisted and turned around, but it's more potent than ever on its quest to conquer all.

From two students who let the power of attraction guide them to break the hard-and-fast rules of their world to the girl who falls hard for a good-looking ghost with a score to settle, the clever, quirky characters in this exciting collection will break your heart, then leave you believing in love more than ever.

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