The Compulsive Reader: Halloween Spooktacular

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Spooktacular


I am in the scaring mood this week...Halloween is big where I come from, and to celebrate, I'll be sharing a book a day that will get you in just the right mood for Friday night, whether you plan on going to a party, trick or treating, or just snuggling up under some blankets with candy and a scary movie (or book!).

What's the one thing most people associate with Halloween (besides candy!)? Witches, of course. And in Amanda Marrone's newest book, a band of teen witches must battle an ancient evil that threatens all that they stand for. Read on to learn more...
Nestled in a regular Connecticut community is a coven of witches that have been keeping their area safe from werewolves, vampires, and demons for hundreds of years. For the youngest generation of the coven—Sascha, Margo, Zahara, Dani, and Jules—this is their life, and though they wish for a little more freedom, they recognize their responsibility.

They are all eager for their eighteenth birthdays, when they will be initiated into the inner circle of their coven along with their mothers and learn all of the coven's secrets. But as their birthdays start to pass by, Jules—the youngest of the witches—begins to realize that there is more going on in the coven than what their mothers are letting on, and her friends can't talk about—something that she's finding that she can't condone.
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BUT WAIT! There's more...this week I'll be giving away a copy of Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz and Tithe by Holly Black to celebrate! For a chance to win, just email me (thecompulsivereader@gmail.com) your name, address, email, and tell me your best costume idea ever. And at midnight, Halloween night, I'll post the winner!
Good luck and happy (spooky) reading!


Anonymous said...

on the halloween, spooky vibe...(and related to a YA book that i love) check out these youtube videos inspired by Thirteen Reasons Why (jay asher). they've just popped up this month, maybe a halloween gag? mwa ha ha ha!


Em said...

I'm digging the horror books in our cybils category especially because it's near Halloween. :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

I like candy corn far more than witches :)